Your child’s dedicated ABA trained therapist / Autism educator will constantly speak to you and seek your observations on the child’s development beyond the classroom. With a combined approach to integrate a holistic learning program, we aim to develop the utmost potential of your child towards adult independence.

Learning is planned with each individual child’s needs in mind. Every quarter, lessons are specially crafted from (IEP) Individual Educational Plan with curriculum objectives identifying focus on skills development and academic skill. 


Core learning is differentiated according to the needs of our students. The curriculum is designed through a carefully structured progressive scheme of work which builds on learning year by year towards adulthood job vocational training. This allows us to break down targets into small and manageable steps to ensure success.


Heavy emphasis is placed on our Social Skills programme, which is taught both as a whole class and with a focus on individual targets. This is integrated throughout the curriculum. It plays a vital role in helping a child to develop friendships, as well as positive interactions and self-image. 


Our curriculum allows for the generalisation of skills and knowledge, as well as the development of functional skills. Encouraging independence and life skills are paramount at Autism21.

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