Mother of Dan , 10-year-old (Home-School) feedback on 1-to-1 Session

Autism21 has provided a conducive environment for our son who is 10. The quiet and serene atmosphere, away from distractions, helps him to feel relaxed and more grounded. The one on one sessions tailored according to the child's specific development requirements are very helpful as it helps to highlight the child's specific skills as well as areas for improvement. We also receive regular updates about our son's progress. Friendly and nurturing environment! 

-LB ( Mum)

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What our parents say….

Mother of Patricia, 6-year-old (attending AWWA EPIC) feedback on 4x weekly service

We are very thankful to have chanced upon A21 as their dedications has helped my daughter progress significantly. The modules are customised according to her learning needs, and their professional advice has enabled us to progressively overcome the challenges we face, making it less stressful for the parents. Their thoughtfulness and sensitivity in managing the children are remarkable too. This is a school that nurtures the children from the heart.

Mother of Ali , 11-year-old (attending Saint Andrew's Autism School) feedback on School Holiday Programme

My Son just loved the atmosphere of centre. The learning environment of ‘autism 21’ is very fun positive and uplifting for the children. Since my Son started going to this place, his focus and concentration has improved. He has learned better use of PECs. He become more interested  in puzzles and enjoyed some new games like Zingo! He learned to recognise the different pictures  and constructing train. He also enjoyed some interactive games with his peer.


The Teachers would send the videos showing the activities on my son’s progress which we appreciate a lot so that we can actually see what he is learning at the centre.


He was having lot of fun during outdoor activities such as riding scooter and playing in playground and exploring in outdoor gym with his Friend.

I would highly recommend this place to any body who is looking for a good centre for their child.


Mother of Anton , 6-year-old (attending AWWA EPIC) feedback on 3x weekly service

With the helps & supports from them, our boy has show huge improvement. Teacher and staff are supportive, understanding and patient towards him as well as we parent. They will always provide solution or advice whenever we face issue and difficulties. They will never turn us away. Highly recommend A21 to parent/family with special needs child as they are really out there to help us out.

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Mother of Jamie, 5-year-old feedback on Saturday classes

My daughter love to attend the class and the charge is reasonable compare to the market.

Dad of Lydia , 3.5-year-old (home school) feedback on 3x weekly service

I found Autism21 by chance and decided to give it a try. The environment is pleasant and serene. The staff are friendly and professional. They even got my wife flowers for Women's day! My daughter is thriving there and I'm already noticing a big improvement in her condition.


Highly recommended.

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Father of Andy, 7 year-old-boy  (attending Eden School)

Being a dad to an autistic son, I had figured out that this journey requires a great team effort and Autism21 is a key member of our team.

After a month, our boy is able to trace nicely which he is unable to do so and cognitively he mastered how to play the game Zingo which was not introduced to him prior to going to the Center.
Surprisingly, he had grown to love to play the game as well (which is amazing in our context).

After every session, the teacher will update us on his progress for that session and continuously encourage and suggest to us what we can do at home to improve further. Videos and images are also sent to us to let us better understand on the scenarios.

The learning environment is carefully thought through to allow social interaction between the teacher and my boy.
The team had been supportive to our family and giving brilliant ideas in how we can interact at home as well. Additionally, we appreciate the way the Autism 21 had been trying to cater for our needs at multiple scenario.





Mother of Gerald, 6-year-old (attending Metta EPIC) feedback on 1-to-1 Session

My son is attending ABA now and the program caters for his needs and he shows improvement in his behaviour. The staff and teacher are patient and supportive. They will take our feedback and adjust the pgm accordingly to the needs of my boy!

Thank you !

What our parents say….

Mum of Sheikh Umar , 6-year-old  (attending SPD EPIC School) on thrice weekly 1:1 and group sessions.

I have sent my son to Autism21 about a month and I am happy to observe that he has made improvements to his speech and gave us more of his attention.


Having a child with mild autism is a challenge for the family to overcome. It was not easy to get him toilet trained with the never ending assistance from the teachers training him from the centre and even home.


The family has seen good improvement to his behaviour.. asking questions n asking for help when needed without prompting.


I am very pleased with the services from all the teachers in Autism21 and we look forward to ser and experience more improvements in my son's attention span and of course to see him grow up to fit in just like the rest of the society..


We as a family of Sheikh Umar would like to thank Autism21 for their continous support n dedication.


Thank you...



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Mother of Yash, 11-year-old boy (attending St Andrew’s Autism School)

 "Yash is autistic and is disinterested in play and also table top activities. We were concerned with keeping Yash occupied at home during his free time and also wanted Yash to understand that he has to complete work activities at home before taking his break. 
Just 3 months into sessions with Autism21, Yash is observed to be able to pick up play skills like fixing a simple duplo lego structure and completing a 6-piece puzzle. Autism21 also came up with a point system whereby Yash gets a token for every task completed. With such a system in place, Yash is able to understand better that he can only take his break once he accumulates a number of tokens. 
Autism21 emphasises on 2 way communication and would periodically update us on Yash's progress via photos, videos and text messages. We also voiced out issues we face with Yash at home and the staff at Autism21 were extremely helpful by providing useful suggestions to counter Yash's behavioural issues outside the sessions. They even followed up with us thereafter to confirm Yash's behavioural issues were sorted out and had suggested alternative measures to tackle these challenges. I am extremely grateful to them for all their valuable advice which allows me and my helper to understand and manage Yash better. 
I definitely recommend every parent to entrust their autistic child or children with Autism21, as soon as possible so that intervention is done when the child is still young. It takes a village to parent a child with special needs I believe Autism21 will contribute to the development of all these special children in time to come given their dedication and professionalism."


在参加Autism21课程的三个月后,Yash能够轻松的掌握新游戏技巧,例如修复一个简单的双重乐高玩具结构和完成一个6件式拼图. Autism21还提出了一个点数奖赏系统,Yash每完成一个任务就可获得一个标记。有了这样一个系统,Yash能够更好地理解他只有在积累了许多标记后才能休息.

Autism21强调双向沟通,并会定期通过照片,视频和短信向我们解释Yash的进展情况。我们还在家中表达了我们与Yash面临的问题,而Autism21的工作人员提供了有用的建议来对应Yash在课堂之外的行为问题。随后他们还与我们跟进了Yash 的近况,以确认Yash的行为问题得到了解决,并提出了应对这些挑战的替代措施。


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