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Potty training for children with autism. 

As your child grows older each day, one needs to be independent to go to toilet independently.


Being able to do toileting independently do not happen overnight without proper guidance and techniques. The absence of toilet training will often see migration of usage of pampers towards teenage years or even in adulthood. This will be savings on financial resources.


Before beginning intensive massed practice toileting, ensure that your child is ready for potty training. Your child should have some bowel control, indicated by extended periods of dryness and should be willing to sit on the toilet. Intensive toilet training is a technique that can be used for most children, with and without disabilities. For typically developing children, a variation is also called “Potty training in a day”. Intensive toilet training for young children with disabilities takes several days and your full devotion. It requires you and the child to remain close to the restroom for the entire period and the training should not be interrupted for any reason.


Be sure that you have no other obligations for the training period. Intensive toilet training involves increasing your child’s liquid intake, frequent trips to the potty, and following a standard set of procedures for successes and accidents.


Do kindly note that toileting training on peeing and pooing is a separate training.

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