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Early Signs of Autism

Group School Readiness Program

School readiness is a measure of how prepared a child is to succeed in school cognitively, socially, and emotionally. The good level of development (GLD) is used to assess school readiness if a child is ready for formal education at the age of 7 for Mainstream Primary School or Special Education (SPED).

Children are defined as having reached a GLD at the end of the Early Years Kindergarten (Age 6)  Stage if they achieved at least the expected level in the early signs of autism goals in the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language) and in the specific areas of mathematics and literacy.

School Readiness Checklist-03.png

Math Concept Skill

School Readiness Checklist-02.png
School Readiness Checklist-04.png

Social Skill for children with autism

School Readiness Checklist-05.png

Physical Skill

Academic Skill

Classroom Readiness Checklist

Able to take turns, sit, listen and play.


Listen and comply to instructions given.

(Essential for classroom environment) 

Not disruptive in classroom when a class is being conducted.


Recognise numbers and quantities in the everyday environment.

Participate in music activities such as singing.

Able to communicate their needs and have a good vocabulary.

Able to socialise with peers and form friendships.

Independent in eating.

Independent in going to the toilet.

Develop motor control and balance for a range of physical activities.

Independent in getting dressed and going to the toilet.

Ability to inform where he/she is living.

Ability to remember one contact number of parent's/guardian's for emergencies.


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