Saturday 1:1 ABA Autism Therapy Singapore

Small Group Learning (2-3 students)

Autism Early Intervention Programme

Functional Communication Skills

Social Interaction Skills

Independent and Group Play Skills
Academic Skills



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Mothering Autism ...

a journey we walk with you

Programs for 24mths to

Adulthood Autism Vocational Training

Every individual is unique with various characteristics and learning capabilities.

Be it comprehension or verbal expressions, we offer programs to build on your child’s tailored specific learning programme needs, interests, strengths, and relationships. 

Parents seeking admission into special needs childcare in Singapore are being offered an alternative at Autism21 with 1-to-1 therapy to improve Children developmental delay.


Autism21 Therapy sessions include sensory integration program to children speech delay which are offered by SGenabled autism partners. Our clients include those seeking early intervention, or from AWWA Fernvale, Pathlight to Saint Andrew’s Autism School.


We are delighted to advise and prepare your child for KKH Autism Assessment or NUH Autism Assessment. ABA therapy treatment is the most validated treatment unlike Autism Medication which has yet to be proven.